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We have created a tool to help increasing productivity and communication in your company and community by using collaboration tools & social network

The Enterprise Social Network Platform

Lembar Social is an Enterprise Social Network, Project Management and CRM platform.
Having a basic platform Enterprise Social Network, this product is packed in a model of Software as a Service (SaaS), so that the user can utilize the product with a subscription plan.

In addition to presenting the communication and collaboration services in the Enterprise Social Network, Lembar Social also integrate the system with Project Management to manage projects, tasks and files related to business processes. Not only that, the service Customer Relationship Management (CRM) also presented in it to accommodate a variety of needs analysis and communication in relation to the consumer



Private Social Network

Imagine the power of social network just for you, your community or your company. Upload your photos, links, files, and share it to your community. Support private message for members.


Every day, each of us will do an event or agenda of both personal or for working purpose. We help you to tidy up the events and your agenda in a list or calendar. The app lets you organize your events and ensure none are missed schedules..

Question & Answer

Need an answer to the question ? Ask questions and the members will help answer it. Create a site like ‘Quora’ on your own. Especially for the community or your company.

Location Based Directory

We provide location-based directory. Which can be used to organize the places associated with community / company. Comes with pictures, geolocation, direction and  integrated with google maps.

Members & Groups Directory

Members/employees is one of the most important point in a community/company. We provide directory of members/employees, equipped with the groups directory in social networking site. Organize the list of members/employees more easily. Make contact, send documents, share photos and information more quickly. Comes with user profiles and effective contact information for communication purpose.

Blog & Note

So you like to write? Share and expose your blog/article to your colleague or your whole community / company. You can also write a note for your self, it’s a secret. 


You need opinions from other people about an issue or option. Make a pooling or voting and you’ll get the results instantly from friends or your employees.

File Management

Access your files wherever you are. Never worry about losing files again. Collaborate with coworkers. Supports integration with google drive and dropbox.

Project Management

Powerful project management comes bundled with Lembar Social. Inspired by the Basecamp Project Management comes Lembar Social Project Management. More complete with many features and unlimited projects. You can create project as many as you want without being limited by the number of projects. Manage your project, make collaboration with friends or colleagues. Include members of the project with ease. Also equipped with project performance measurement tools, Gantt Charts/Time Table and Kanban Board/Work Sheet.

Task Management

Integrated with our project management, we include task management in it. Create a to do list, notes and a list of jobs and include milestones and targets in your task. You also can calculate the time in the completion of your task.


Other Features

We build the platform with useful features

Private Messages

As a social network platform we provide a personal message to each member in order to communicate more personally


Besides taking the form of Facebook, we also took twitter mention features to facilitate communication. This allows users to more easily use the application because it has been familiar with facebook and twitter. But unlike Facebook and Twitter, LembarSocial can attach different types of files, video and audio / music and other file types in the conversation.


You can also write directly on the wall of members for sending messages, files or conversation. When writing on the wall of member, the conversation will be automatically changed to mention the member concerned

Virtual Profile

We also include mini CV (Curriculum Vitae), in each profile complete with contact information and title of the members. Virtual profile is integrated with a directory of members. You'll be easier to find employees and coworkers in this section. Forget the phone number coworkers or employees? Do not worry, virtual profile also contains member contact information.

Video Chat

Skype can be used to make video calls, but if you want to make video calls without having to install any software, you can use our video chat. We use Webrtc technology that can be working in any platform like web or mobile browser. Our video chat also support screen sharing to make it more powerfull

Taskbar Chat

You know the facebook chat? We integrate similar features to facilitate chat communication so that communication can be done more quickly. Online list of members will be available here. Can also used to chat in groups in a room chat. You can make any desired chat room

Mobile Chat

Mobile chat is a form of a chat facility that can be used when you are not in front of a computer as an adaptation of the taskbar chat. By using the android application, a browser on a smartphone or mobile phone you can access this facility

Skype Integration

We also integrate Skype into the profile so that if the member has the skype account skype buttons will appear (phone, video calls, send files, send messages, etc.), and you can directly communicate with the user via Skype desktop or application

Google Maps Integration

Google maps is a required facility integrated with several facilities such as the directory applications, personal notes, and others. Equipped also with a direction and geolocation (automatic location detection system with GPS)

Social Sharing

If you use this feature to people outside the company in a private social network perhaps this is not too useful because the person is required to login to view posts. But if you do the "sharing" to coworkers or employees in sites / applications, this feature can be used. Equipped with many sharing platforms such as social media, email, whatsapp, etc.

File Sharing & Sending

Lembar Social integrated with file management. If you need a file to be sent or shared, can simply use this feature. You can also have conversations or comments on a file.


We know confidentiality is very important in the organization. This is a private network so only people in your organization who can access the newtwork. For post privacy, you can filter privacy for each post you sent . For example when sending a file to someone, you can change the privacy so that only the person who called (by mention) who can see your posts

Google Drive & Document

File management is integrated with google drive and google documents. There is no need to download to view your files, simply preview the document directly in the application or site. You can even import your files into google drive that you have.

Dropbox Integration

We can integrate Lembar Social with Dropbox so that your files are automatically synchronized into the enterprise dropbox account.

Cloud Realtime & Daily Backup

To avoid data loss, we perform daily backups and realtime backups. Realtime backups is automatically occur when there are changes, so any changes that occur at the site / application will be saved instantaneously. This is one part of the Disaster Recovery Plan that is done in case of a major disaster in the data center. When that happens you will be relieved, your data will be safe without the slightest damage.

128 Bit SSL Encryption

Lembar Social encrypt for each incoming and outgoing connections with 128 bit SSL encryption and the latest SSL technology. Data entry and exit through the browser to the data center will be randomized so it is safe from eavesdropping or interception. You must use a modern browser to use this facility.

Optional Server Location

You can choose the location of the data center. Currently available data center is in Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, and the USA

Native Android App

Lembar Social is equipped with android application that can be directly installed by users who have a smartphone with android operating system

Bump Feature

A unique feature that only exist in Lembar Social. A comment can make the status of your post go to the top of activity, so you won't be missed any important activity which already being a hot conversation or trending topic

Expired Document Reminder

You will have access to list of expired document and the reminder will automatically sent via email or android app if the document approach the expired date. You can also assign the document to your employees or your members.

Customized Report Form

We include a report form for sending report to your boss or someone who need your report in interval times. The report can be customized as you like and you can also add unlimited receiver for your report.

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